The Simonini Difference Through Your Home Buying Journey

Simonini has been crafting luxury homes in the greater Charlotte community for nearly five decades. From distinctive custom homes and neighborhood living, to quality renovations, Simonini Homes are built to suit every client’s unique lifestyle. In an effort to continue to provide an outstanding customer experience, we spoke with repeat Simonini realtor and Simonini homeowner, Suzanne Coddington, to hear her account of the Simonini difference from her personal experience.

Suzanne is a successful realtor with Dickens Mitchener as well as a homeowner at Simonini’s Lynnwood City Homes in Charlotte’s historic Myers Park neighborhood.

“I love getting the opportunity to sell a Simonini home. As soon as I see one available, I jump at the chance to show my client such a high quality product. Everything about their product is solid. When you walk into a Simonini home, you know it right away. They excel with the details. They truly do an outstanding job and you can tell every individual who works there really knows what they’re doing and really wants to do their job well. They walk the walk and talk the talk, and they’re very hands on. When I show someone a home, my reputation is on the line with that showing as well. With Simonini I can always feel confident and comfortable that the product will be what my client wants and things will be delivered on time.”

“Simonini brings integrity, honesty and superiority to every transaction. They’re responsive, they know their product and they are flexible in meeting the client’s needs. Everything they build is such a quality product and my clients are always very, very happy. That’s why I have lived in Simonini homes too. I have such respect for Alan Simonini and his team–Simonini Homes is my go to builder. They’re just a cut above everyone else.”

We are so grateful to have such valuable relationships with our clients as we do with Suzanne. A large part of the Simonini mission is to provide a team that is dedicated to creating and maintaining a seamless experience for every one of our clients and partners. It’s what we call The Simonini Difference. If you are interested in building or renovating your home with us to experience this level of service and attention to detail, contact our team today.


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