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For you, renovating and updating your current home may be a far better choice than building from scratch. You love your street, your community, your neighbors - you don’t want to move, and your home is almost perfect, just the way it is. We get that! The Simonini Renovations division began more than a decade ago as the Simonini Homes Renovations Department. It grew initially from the requests of our homeowners for us to “come back out and update our current Simonini home!” It flourished because those homeowners, who had become lifelong Simonini clients, told two friends, who told two friends, who told two friends, etc. until the Renovations Divisions took on a life all its own.

Renovations are no longer something that we do on the side. Renovations are a big part of Simonini as we are working on a renovation project every month. We know what it takes to not only renovate a home, but to make it as comfortable as possible for you, the homeowner. We go above and beyond when we are renovating, just like we do for all of our custom home projects.

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The Simonini Renovation Team

Alan Simonini Homes is different than most renovation companies in that we provide more than supervision and/or management. Our team approach to renovations is outlined by the following key differences.


We leverage over 60 years of custom home building and renovations experience to provide a well trained and courteous team who strive to implement the latest innovations and best practices for our clients.

On Staff Personnel

Simonini employs a knowledgeable team of talented superintendents and carpenters who are well versed in the latest construction practices. Our superintendents provide on site management, quality control and regular on-site point of contact for the home owner. Not only are our carpenters craftsman, but our superintendents are as well, often putting their tools to work.

Trade Partners

We work with a refined group of trade partners that offer the quality and workmanship that Simonini Homes and our clients have come to expect. This is critical for all renovations, especially when a client is living in the home during construction. We also pass along the Simonini purchasing power based on long-standing relationships built with our trade partners.


Through our team of on-staff and partnered architects & designers we endeavor to provide each client with a design tailored to their needs and the design of their home.

Renovations Contact

Our renovations team, headed up by Renovations Manager Bob Pugh, operates with the same attention to detail and level of customer service as the rest of the Simonini Brand. The renovation experience can be a daunting one for some, but we believe the process we have developed allows for our clients to be fully involved and informed along the way, and results in a renovation full of quality craftsmanship down to the smallest detail.

Bob Pugh
Bob Pugh
Renovation Manager
What To Expect

What To Expect

1. Initial Consultation
  • Introduces the homeowners to the Simonini team and process
  • Provide a general outline of the renovation scope
  • Provide general pricing parameters
2. Design Agreement and Project Estimating
  • Visit homeowners & designer to identify a concise scope of work.
  • Execute preconstruction agreement and deposit for design and consulting services.
  • Provide preliminary renovation & design sketches to refine scope and budget.
  • Create a detailed scope of work and specifications, with owner input.
  • Obtain trade partner quotes and conduct an additional visit to the home as required.
  • Generate an estimate for the renovation & addition
  • Present a proposal to the homeowner for their home renovation.
3. Acceptance of Purchase Agreement
  • Provide a final proposal and specifications.
  • Review & sign the purchase agreement and obtain a construction deposit.
  • Schedule a preconstruction meeting and a construction start date.
4. Construction
  • Conduct a preconstruction meeting at your home.
  • Meet the lead on-site project manager
  • & superintendent.
  • Order final engineered plans.
  • Obtain a permit.
  • Begin construction on your home renovation & addition.

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