6 Things to Consider when Planning Your Dream Kitchen

You’ve thought about your dream kitchen, spent countless hours gathering ideas, talked to friends, family and designers about what you would like to do – now you are determined to make that dream a reality.

Whether you are building a new custom home or embarking on a kitchen renovation project, you are finally going to have the luxury kitchen you have always wanted. We’re sharing a few things that you should consider in planning your dream kitchen.

How will you be using your kitchen?

Not everyone uses their kitchen the same way. For some, it is a gathering place for families to spend time together. For others, it is a place to create culinary masterpieces. And others will only come in it to heat up a quick meal and move on.

Understanding your use of the space is paramount. Will you be entertaining in it? Do you cook often or bake? Do you like to eat in your kitchen, or in a separate space? These questions need to be answered before you begin building your kitchen or embarking on your kitchen renovation project.



What is the best layout?

The layout for your kitchen depends on what you will use it for. For instance, an open floor plan with an island will look very different from a traditional kitchen that is more compartmentalized.

Planning your layout early will also help you avoid little snags like limited space when one person is at the stove and another is at the nearby sink. A good kitchen remodel starts with taking a focused look at the kitchen layout and making adjustments to accommodate how you’d use it. If you are working with a custom homebuilder or remodeler, their experienced team will guide you through the options to avoid space inefficiencies.

What features do you want in your kitchen?

The features of your dream kitchen are directly related to the layout. What is on your dream list: island seating, coffee bar, built-in desk, decorative lighting, open shelving, double dishwashers, appliance storage? Every component that gives you the functionality you need should be considered.

If you are renovating from one type of design to another, say from a rustic kitchen to a luxury kitchen, evaluate the overall space and current features, and how it works for you. Your kitchen remodel may only include changing the countertops, painting, and lighting. Or you may need to renovate the structure of the space to make room for the double oven you want, or a walk-in pantry.



What are your design preferences?

Selecting the design elements is when your kitchen renovation or build really starts to take shape. You will need to decide on finishes and colors that put your mark on a space — paint colors, cabinet style, wall treatments, flooring, hardware, and appliance styles.

Then your decor is another layer that personalizes your space – rugs, dishes, glassware, plants, and artwork all come together to make a cohesive design.

How will you light your space?

Lighting is so important in any space, especially a kitchen. It sets the mood, it illuminates where you’re working, and it can enhance a beautiful kitchen design. The type of lighting and lighting fixtures make a big difference in the overall design of your custom kitchen.

Overhead recessed lighting above the countertop work areas and sink gives you the light you need without impeding on space. Pendant lights add decoration and work well when installed directly over an island or counter seating. If your dining room is attached to your kitchen, selecting coordinating, decorative lighting will make the space feel related.

Partnering with professionals

When you decide to hire a professional to build your dream kitchen, make sure that they have a solid reputation and are truly experts in what they do. When it comes time to hire someone to plan and build your dream kitchen, make sure you hire the best, and you can have the custom kitchen you’ve always wanted, that fits your life perfectly.

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