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The Simonini Difference Through Your Home Buying Journey

Simonini has been crafting luxury homes in the greater Charlotte community for nearly five decades. From distinctive custom homes and neighborhood living, to quality renovations, Simonini Homes are built to suit every client's unique lifestyle. In an effort to continue to provide an outstanding customer experience, we spoke with repeat Simonini realtor and Simonini homeowner, Suzanne Coddington, to hear her account of the Simonini difference from her personal experience.

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History of Elizabeth

During the first four decades of the 20th century, residential expansion was on the rise in Charlotte, NC. As the city’s prosperity diversified and multiplied, so did its suburbs resulting in the area’s second street car suburb, Elizabeth. The historic district of Elizabeth opened in 1989 right after the development of Dilworth. The neighborhood consisted of 5 subdivisions until it was eventually joined as one. Read on for the history of Elizabeth, one of our treasured neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC.

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4 Signs You Should Downsize to a Smaller Home

Our lives are constantly changing and it can be hard to predict future needs. What once was the perfect home for you and your family may now seem too much to handle. Many struggle to decide when to downsize since they are attached to their current home and the memories and possessions that go with it. However, there comes a time when living in a large home becomes inadequate and sometimes downright frustrating.

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History of Myers Park

As one of the premier neighborhoods in Charlotte, NC, Myers Park is known to be an area filled with fine homes, tree-lined streets, and curving drives. Home to many of the early banking, textile, and real estate leaders of the area, the neighborhood is of statewide and national significance as it was shaped during a time when Charlotte was becoming the world’s leading textile manufacturing region. It remains a symbol of prosperity to this day as one of Charlotte’s most desirable neighborhoods.

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The Difference Between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator

When bringing in help for an interior design project, it can be hard to find a perfect fit due to the large variety of options available. Part of the struggle is the different lingo used to describe roles in the field, with the biggest confusion being whether you need an interior designer or interior decorator. Many people use these terms interchangeably but there is actually a big difference between the two professions. We’ve highlighted the key roles and characteristics of each below so you can decide which you need for your project. 

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Why Charlotte is a Great Place to Retire

The population in Charlotte has grown exponentially in the last few years with many people moving there to escape bigger cities that have become overly saturated. The smaller metropolitan area of the Queen City boasts all of the perks of city life without so much hassle. We’ve outlined 5 of these pros so you can discover why Charlotte is a great place to retire. 

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