Ready to Build a Custom Home? Simonini Can Help

Deciding to build a custom home can be an exciting moment! When choosing to build, you’re not just getting a new home, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to select every detail from your home’s location to home size to final touches. If you’re considering taking the next step toward creating your dream home, understanding the basics of new home construction will help guide you.

The first step in beginning the process of building a custom home is to develop a plan.

Coming up with a plan for your home goes beyond the look or aesthetic. A solid plan will include the following:


Knowing and understanding your budget is paramount when building a custom home. There are expenses to account for which are unique to constructing a new home, such as landscaping costs, design and engineering fees, and the cost of the land itself. Determining a realistic budget will give you the best start and a clearer vision of the possibilities for your new home construction.


Having reasonable expectations when it comes to the length of time it takes to complete a custom home build is another key step in getting started. In a custom home every detail is completely new, so setting a general date by which you’d like to move in will steer the project’s timeline. On average, a custom home may take between 10 and 16 months to finish.

House Plan

Once you’ve determined your budget and timeframe, now’s the time to create your house plan. This is your opportunity to create a home with the exact specifications to suit your lifestyle, and include features you may not find in an existing home. Create a list to prioritize your wants and needs, and find images of existing homes to inspire you.

Transform your ideas into reality

Once you’ve gotten a better idea of all that’s possible in creating your dream home, it’s time to transform your ideas into reality. There are a few additional steps to take ahead of construction.

Choosing a Lot

Examining and choosing the lot for your home is an integral part of the build. Consider your home plan and determine if you’re able to have everything on your priority list. Doing some extra research on the location of the lot will help ensure you’re happy with your choice. Take a walk around the neighborhood, drive your commute to work, and look at the local schools. All of these will have an impact on your experiences in your new home.

Selecting Your Home Builder

You’ll be working closely with the home builder during the development of your home, so finding a contractor that meets your expectations is important. Researching portfolios and getting references from people you trust will give you confidence when hiring a contractor. Discuss important topics with your contractor such as licensing requirements, insurance coverage, project timelines, and communication expectations.

Designing Your Custom Home

Custom homes are designed to fit your uniquely perfect aesthetic. Your contractor’s design team will be able to walk you through your options to design the look and layout to give you the exact home you want. A good design team will also be there to help you select and make recommendations on everything from what goes in your home to the level of privacy you’d like. Discussing and planning the options with your contractor will start to bring your ideas to life.

What can you expect when working with our professionals at Simonini?

At Simonini, each client receives the same high-level service through a comprehensive process that allows us to create the custom home of your dreams.

Initial Consultation

We’ll welcome you to our studio (or schedule a virtual meeting) to discuss your vision, meet with our team, and initiate your design plan. We’ll go through each step with you, assist you in making design and construction decisions, and discuss the budget and timeline.

Pre-Construction Agreement

Our team develops preliminary sketches with estimated pricing for your review. Once approved, we will finalize the budget and initiate construction financing, and finalize a timeline for the construction.

Purchase Agreement

At this stage, we will complete the proposal and sign the purchase agreement. Final engineered plans will be ordered and an official start date will begin with a pre-construction meeting.

Construction & Closing

The construction team will receive finalized plans and obtain all necessary permits to begin. Once your home is complete, you’ll receive an orientation to become acquainted with the features you’ve chosen. Following the closing, you’ll move in and enjoy your brand-new home!

Final Considerations

A lot goes into new home construction. Whether your custom home is still just an idea or you’re seriously considering the process, we’re here to help. Learn more about our process and contact Simonini today!


Whether you’re interested in a new build, collective home or renovation, our team is excited to understand your plans and answer your questions. Kindly fill out this form to start the conversation.