How to Maximize Natural Light in Your Home

When the winter months hit and the days become shorter, it’s key to maximize the natural light in your home. A few simple decor solutions can make a world of difference, and if you’re building a custom home, you have the opportunity to utilize all the available light from the onset. Here are a few tips and custom solutions that will maximize your home’s natural light.

Window Covers Matter

When it comes to decorating your windows or selecting window coverings, keep in mind how they will affect the light. Plantation shutters are functional, however, they block a lot of light, even when they’re open. More homeowners are opting for motorized blinds that can be opened daily and closed when you need privacy. They’re easy to function and allow sunlight to pour in with the push of a button. When it comes to the exterior of your home, avoid window overhangs that may shade your windows. Porches can also block sunlight, making your home feel darker. When it comes to decorative curtains or shades, hang them off to the far sides and tops of your windows so the full light can come into the room without sacrificing style.

Reflect Light Where You Can

If your natural light is in short supply, consider maximizing the existing light by adding mirrors. Decorating with mirrors can help reflect light around the room, making it appear lighter and brighter. Place a mirror adjacent to a window to allow the sunlight to bounce off and into the room. Using shiny or metallic decor pieces that reflect light can be a beneficial and inexpensive way to maximize natural light.

Color Palette Selection

When decorating your home, color has a huge impact. Especially if you’re short on natural light, you want to avoid dark colors that absorb light rather than reflect it. Whites and light neutrals will always make a space feel bigger and brighter. Pay attention to the Light Reflectance Value, or LRV of a paint color. It ranges from 100 percent for pure white, down to zero percent for black. The color of your ceilings can also play a huge role in how light a room feels. White ceilings reflect light and will allow light to fill the entire room.

Customize to Maximize

If you’re building a custom home or working with Simonini Homes, consider adding more sources of light to brighten your home. Adding larger windows, or more windows will, of course, help to brighten the space. Switch out your traditional solid door for a door with glass panels that allow light in. And where it makes sense in your home, you can also renovate windows into full-length doors. Consider which direction your home faces and try to optimize windows on the east and west sides of the house.

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