5 Organizing Tips for Your New Home

Keeping a tidy home is no easy task. It’s a daily challenge for many homeowners and families. If you’re moving to a new home or building a custom home, you have a great opportunity at a fresh start. You can customize spaces to fit your storage needs, and install new organizational systems before moving in with your belongings. If you’re looking for an update to your existing home, you may consider renovating to add more storage space, or just rethinking how you can change the functionality of your home.

Here are some organizing tips that can ensure your home stays organized and you have less stress.

1. Create A Central Drop Zone

It’s inevitable that the primary entrance to your home will be cluttered with shoes, bags, groceries, keys, and mail. Anticipate this behavior by creating a central drop zone. Think of this as your family’s command center. Add shoe storage, a bench for sitting, a place to hang keys, and even a tray for gathering mail. You may also want to keep a calendar nearby with important dates and appointments in a place you know you’ll see when you leave the house or come home.

2. Utilize Wall Space

If you feel like there’s just not enough space for everything, consider utilizing wall space. Adding hooks or floating shelves to store brooms, accessories, or books can free up your counter and floor space, making the whole room feel less cluttered. Narrow shelves can nearly double your storage and are easy to install and change as styles evolve. If everything has a place to go, you’ll be much more likely to keep an organized home.

3. Label Storage

You may have a commitment to defeating clutter, but your family might not be entirely on board. Make it easy for them by labeling where everything should go. This is helpful when it comes to the pantry, bathroom, or play area. Customize your storage to exactly what you need and label each basket or bin with a general name that will be easy for everyone to follow.

4. Use Drawer Organizers and Decorative Storage

Who says being organized has to mean sacrificing style? Investing in storage that matches your style and feels like decor will make the whole space feel tidier. Make use of all your available storage by using additional organizers inside drawers and cabinets. For clothes, use smaller organizers within your drawers to separate clothing types. Even if some of your decorative storage is tucked away, keeping designated compartments will make it easy to stay organized over time.

5. Invest In Storage Where You Need It

Everyone is different when it comes to storage needs. Identify your families’ needs and look for a home that can accommodate that, even if it’s not initially in place. Having a garage or attic may be important to you if you have lots of seasonal decors to be tucked away. If you work from home, you’ll need additional storage space for your office materials. Consider adding custom cabinetry to rooms like your laundry room, bathroom, or playroom. If adding permanent storage is feasible, you’ll be able to customize your storage solutions to fit your life.

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