The Pros of Buying a New Construction Home

If you’re on the hunt for a new home, you are probably considering all your options including whether or not to buy a pre-owned home or new construction. New construction homes come with many benefits that often outweigh the benefits of an older home. Depending on what is important to you, a newly constructed home may be the perfect option and we have outlined 5 great benefits of buying a new home to help you decide.

Low Maintenance Costs

New construction homes do not typically come with hefty maintenance bills, especially in the first few months. Everything from the plumbing to the appliances is brand new and should last a while before needing repairs. New homes often even come with a home warranty to help cover costs like a broken water heater or a leaky roof during the warranty period. This effectively eliminates unplanned home expenses and lessens stress on the homeowner, allowing them to buy with confidence and simply enjoy their new home.

Conveniently Move-In Ready

Older pre-owned homes can come with wallpaper, outdated fixtures, and surprises behind the walls that you have to address before moving in. Buying a new home can be stressful enough, and a move-in ready home means no added work to do once you get the keys. New homes are built according to the most updated building codes so you won’t have to fix a crack in the foundation or any other major repairs. New construction homes also come with modern floor plans, neutral themes and updated appliances, leaving you with nothing else to do but move in. This is especially attractive to buyers that are on tight deadlines and budgets. For those that want to go one step further and have the budget and time to do so, a custom home is the ideal move-in ready space because it is also tailored to your style.

Energy Efficient

New homes are built with the latest construction materials and building advancements as well as with the latest technologies to give homeowners a more energy-efficient space. This means paying less money on your electricity bill each month. It also means your home will be equipped with features like double or triple-pane windows and better insulation so it costs less to heat and cool your space. New appliances are even designed with sustainability in mind and use less energy than older ones.

Easy to Personalize

A new construction home is essentially a blank slate. It’s brand new with nice, clean finishes and often a bright, inviting feel. New homes are designed with modern living in mind, with open eat-in kitchens, walk-in closets, and roomy master baths. When getting a new home still in the construction phase, you have the added benefit of adding custom upgrades to your home. From cabinet colors to tiling preference, there are many design decisions you can make to complete your semi-custom home. Some even opt for the full custom home experience so they have unlimited options when designing their floor plan, picking their location, and more. Whether you choose a semi-custom or custom home, no one knows your taste better than you do, so being able to fit your home to your style is quite a luxury.


Finally, new construction homes often come with a whole community of features for you to enjoy. Amenities like a pool, gym, clubhouses, walking trails and more would be hard to find in older homes. In addition to an expertly constructed neighborhood equipped with amenities, you also get a sense of community with a social calendar of events hosted by your development.

New Construction Homes & More at Simonini

As you can see, buying a new home offers a wide range of benefits for home buyers. Here at Simoni Homes, we offer newly constructed homes in highly desired areas around Charlotte, NC as well as a defined custom home process so you can find or build your perfect home. Contact us today to get started.


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