Downsize to a Simonini City Home

There comes a time, often later in life, for many people to downsize to a smaller home. As we grow older, our needs change and having a large home may become too much to manage. Whether retirees are wanting a simpler lifestyle, or empty nesters no longer need the extra space after their children move out, downsizing your home can be a perfect solution to some of the stress that plagues older individuals and couples.

Why Downsize?

According to a survey by TD Ameritrade, 42 percent of Americans plan to downsize in retirement. Retirement is time for relaxation and maintaining a large home can interfere in doing so. Between taking the time for planning and upkeep to making repairs to an older home, it is simply not practical to have a large home when you reach a certain age. It can be hard to leave a home where you have so many memories, and many people hold off on downsizing because of this.

While downsizing is a big change to most, there are many benefits to moving to a smaller home that makes sense if you have new family living arrangements, or simply want less home maintenance so you can focus on travel and other leisurely activities. All are valid reasons to downsize your home and find a better fit, perhaps in the form of a smaller city home.

Advantages of Downsizing Your Home

A More Functional Home

Moving to a smaller home often means a more functional space, especially for retirees. You no longer have to worry about the extra square footage and the things you’ve collected that are taking up that space. Many people purge belongings they no longer need when downsizing, so they only have to worry about moving and organizing the things that really matter. Less square footage and a home that maximizes your space also mean less energy to heat and cool your space, making your home more energy-efficient and better for the environment.

Less Maintenance

Smaller homes also have the advantage of less maintenance. Not only will you save time and effort on maintenance and repairs, but you will also have less to clean, giving you time back in your day for more leisurely activities.

Relaxed Lifestyle

A smaller workload and fewer home responsibilities all reduce stress for the homeowner. They also have more time to focus on hobbies and things that relax them. Many people after downsizing appear to be happier because of this.

How to Downsize

How to downsize properly is about taking it one step at a time and giving yourself a realistic timeline to get everything done. It can be hard to go from a large home to a smaller home, and moving alone is quite stressful for most people. A great place to start the process of downsizing your home is to find a new home you are excited about moving into! Keep your needs in mind when selecting a new home.

Once you have selected the perfect house, it’s time to go through your belongings. It’s likely you will have to purge a few things you have accumulated over the years. Give yourself plenty of time to go through your things and decide what you need to keep and what to throw away.

Think about the new space and what rooms you will have. For instance, if moving to a condo or apartment, you may not have a garage so you will have to designate a new storage space for things you decide to keep from your garage. Take a few items from your collections and donate or sell the rest. Once you have downsized your belongings, it is time for the move. Plan for moving arrangements whether you rent a moving truck and have help from the family, or you hire movers.

Downsize with Simonini Homes

If you’re downsizing your home in the Charlotte area, consider professional help from Simonini Homes. With decades of experience and homes in the most attractive neighborhoods, we are confident we can find the perfect home for you to downsize to. Contact us to get started today.


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