Planning Your Luxury Primary Bedroom Suite

“Primary bedroom” is the latest term used today to describe the main suite of your home and all the luxury you can fit into it. Here at Simoni Homes, we are always up-to-date on the latest trends for your home, including the bedroom. Read further to discover dual primary bedroom suites, hot technology updates, and features you will wish you had never lived without.

What are Primary Bedroom Suites?

First, let’s discuss the shift to primary bedrooms. In light of recent events, many realtors including Simonini Homes will no longer be using the term “master” to describe the main bedroom and bathroom of a home in their listings. They will now be referred to as “primary bedrooms” and “primary bathrooms.”

As we shift to a brighter future for everyone, we are also looking for new ways to live our best lives at home. Here at Simonini Homes, we are no stranger to luxury, and we are always looking for beautiful new home trends that promote relaxation and a healthy life. Below are some of the hottest new features to add to the most tranquil part of your home.

The Dual Primary Bedroom Suite Trend

A dual primary bedroom suite is exactly how it sounds: a suite with two bedrooms. Sleeping in separate bedrooms used to have negative connotations related to marital struggles, but not anymore. Couples with dual bedrooms tend to get a better night’s sleep which can result in happier spouses and happier relationships. The focus of this new trend is centered on living a healthy lifestyle.

While we spend most of our lives in bed sleeping, it seems like the bedroom is the perfect place to spoil ourselves. While you may or may not have come around to a dual bedroom suite, there are plenty of other luxury bedroom renovation projects that will transform your primary bedroom into the suite of your dreams.

Luxury Primary Bedroom Features

Sitting Areas

You are meant to relax in your bedroom and setting up a lounge area is the perfect way to do so. A separate seating area makes the space feel extra luxurious as if you were cozying up with a good book on a retreat.

Desk Space

An office nook is a great way to utilize space. Even if you don’t often bring your work home with you, a small desk area is a great space to perform daily tasks or get busy with a hobby.


Fireplaces are perhaps the coziest focal point a room could have. A cackling fire delivers a certain ambiance while you relax in your bedroom.

Small Appliances

One of the best ways to add luxury to your bedroom is by adding convenience! This is often done by adding small appliances like microwaves and mini fridges to the space. Coffee bars are also growing in popularity for those that need their caffeine.

Luxury Bathroom Trends

Heated Floors

Bathrooms typically lack the cozy factor but that can change with heated floors! Basic tasks like getting ready in the morning will be taken up notch, especially during the cooler months of the year.

High Tech Shower

Why stop your shower upgrade at hardware? You can add sauna or steam capabilities to your shower for a spa-like treatment.

Vanity Mirror TV

What’s better than soaking in your bathtub? Soaking with a way to watch your favorite shows! A vanity mirror TV is a high-tech option that delivers the epitome of convenience and comfort to your bathroom experience.

Touchless Faucet

Are you into all things hands-free? Touchless faucets are available for those who love to join efficiency with style.

Luxury Closet Updates

Extra Storage

Who doesn’t love extra storage? The feeling of clutter and mess alone is enough to stress anyone out so why not treat yourself to extra storage and a peaceful mind with an island of drawers, a vanity, and all the built-ins your heart desires!

Full-Length Mirror

What’s the use of having beautiful clothes if you cannot see them on? A full length mirror is a practical must-have that will make getting ready in the mornings a breeze.


Seating may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of closets but adding a chair or chaise will give you much needed space to put on shoes or simply relax while you figure out what to wear.

Primary Suite Luxury at Simonini Homes

See something you liked? When you choose to build a custom home from Simonini, you can design it however you’d like with whatever features you desire. You can add technology updates to your bathroom or extra storage to your closet, whatever fits your needs best! Our home experts are skilled in luxury design and we are here to build the home of your dreams, including a deluxe primary suite. Give us a call today!


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