The Simonini Process: What to Expect When You Choose Simonini Homes

Whether you’re ready to build your first custom home, moving to the city and interested in a stylish and practical city home, or renovating your beloved family home, Simonini makes the process simple. Here at Simonini we strive to make the steps of building a custom home or renovating your existing home enjoyable. Our talented team works hard to make sure your vision comes to life without the stress and hassle. From distinctive custom homes and neighborhood living, to quality renovations, our offerings evolve with you. We build to suit your life. It can be hard to know where to even start when you’re thinking about building or renovating your home. We’re here to guide you through the process, step by step from picking your lot to your final walk through.

Custom Home Process

Building a custom home is a process. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have a clear vision to design your own home, our remarkable team are here to guide you through your journey. We have been crafting homes in the Charlotte community for nearly two decades and pride ourselves on the experience we give our clients.

Initial Consultation

At our initial consultation you’ll come to our design studio to meet us in person and discuss your vision. We build custom homes tailored to your wants and needs. You’ll also meet your architect and your design plan will be initiated. Many things will be discussed, the most important being:

  • Whether or not you have a location already picked out for your home. If you don’t, do you need assistance in picking one? We’re happy to help.
  • We’ll discuss different aspects of your lifestyle and what you’d like to incorporate into your home.
  • The most important features you’d like to see in your future home will be listed. What do you envision in your home?
  • What your timeframe for your custom home is.
  • And even more importantly, what is your budget?

Custom Home Estimate

This part of your journey will start your pre construction agreement. Our team will develop conceptual sketches for your home. Everything we have previously talked about will come in to play. The sketches will include your homesite, budget parameters, desired features and amenities. Your vision and lifestyle will be incorporated as well. You’ll also meet our design/estimating team to outline the fit and finish level for your home. Everything will be made with detailed specifications specific to your home. During this meeting, a timeline will also be established.


This is where we make things official. We’ll review and finalize plans and specifications for your custom home. We’ll go over and confirm your budget and timeline for the construction. We’ll release plans to be finalized and establish a slot in our construction schedule. Then we’ll review and sign the construction agreement.


This is where the final plans will be presented. A pre-construction meeting will be the handoff from our design/estimating team to our construction team. Then construction will begin!

You’ll be given a login for the Simonini Homes Portal. This portal will provide:

  • Interior and Exterior Design Selections
  • Plans
  • Permits
  • Photos
  • Accounting Information
  • When construction concludes on your new custom home, you’ll receive a ‘Final Home Acceptance’ that will signify the completion.

You will also have a Homeowner Orientation that will take place with your builder. This meeting will assure that you are acquainted with the features of your new Simonin Home.

Selecting One of our Home Plans – The Process

Selecting one of our home plans is a great option for families who want to design their own home, but don’t want to have to make a decision about every specific detail. Your home won’t be a cookie cutter home like every other home on your street, but you don’t have to start from scratch. It’s a way to streamline the building process without giving up your dream home. The process with us is similar to our custom home building process.

Initial Consultation

In the consultation we’ll discuss your vision for your semi custom home, your budget and other features that you want to see included.

Design Preview

The design preview is a fun part of the building process. We’ll decide on finishes, appliances and flooring for your new home.

Architect Meeting

This meeting will be held before construction begins. This is when the final estimate will be established as well as the timeline for your home.


This is when construction begins! You home will be especially crafted just for you with all of your design and finishing choices.

Renovation Process

When you love your home but you need some updates, renovation is the way to go. Renovations give you the chance to really transform a home you already love. Designing your own home isn’t easy, and that’s where we come into play.

Initial Consultation

To begin we’ll visit the site to discuss what you envision and begin creating a design plan unique to you. A general outline of the renovation scope will be provided to you, as well as pricing parameters.

Acceptance of Purchase Agreement

This is when everything will be refined. A preliminary design sketch and budget will be presented. You’ll get a more detailed scope of work that will be done and have a chance to give our team any input you have. An additional visit to the home will be done and trade partner quotes will be obtained. You will receive our proposal for the entire renovation.

Design Agreement and Project Estimate

We’ll review and sign the purchase agreement and obtain a construction deposit. We’ll schedule one more pre construction meeting and establish a construction start date.


You’ll meet your on-site project manager and superintendent. Final engineer plans will be ordered. Once the permit is obtained construction will begin on your home renovation.

Simonini is your turnkey solution for building or renovating your dream home. Our team is here by your side during the entire process. We can’t wait to work with you to design and build your dream custom home. Schedule your initial consultation with us to get started.


Whether you’re interested in a new build, collective home or renovation, our team is excited to understand your plans and answer your questions. Kindly fill out this form to start the conversation.