Local vs. National: 5 Reasons to Use a Local Home Builder in Charlotte

When you’re looking to build your dream home, you certainly have options. And one of the big decisions that you’ll have to make is who you’re going to hire as the builder. There’s a lot that can go into making this decision, but it often comes down to choosing to work with a local or regional builder, or selecting a national builder with a much larger footprint. When it comes to home building, it often pays to work with a local builder. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits you can realize by working with one in the Charlotte area.

1. Personalized Experience

Just like going to the local mom and pop coffee shop is often much more personalized than going to the chain outlet, there’s typically a big difference between doing business with a national builder and a local builder. We’re not saying that national builders aren’t quality professionals, but unless they’ve established some sort of a presence in the community that you’re living in, you’re likely to receive a more streamlined, personalized experience from the local one. Communication is often better, customer service is often better and the overall experience is also often better as a result.

2. Knowledge of the Area and Its Home Trends

A big reason for selecting a local builder, especially in the ever-evolving Charlotte area, is their personal knowledge of the area in which you’re building. A local builder is up to speed on the neighborhoods, trends, and floor plans that characterize certain areas of town, and can ensure that your property will stay up to date with any of the latest trends. When you go with a local builder, you’re not just “buying local,” but you’re also gaining the wealth and experience of their area knowledge – before, during, and after your construction project.

3. Flexibility

Both national and local builders often offer a variety of floor plans and finishes for property owners, but where local builders tend to shine is with customizations. For a national builder, often the number of different floor plans and finishes they offer is where their flexibility and customization ends. But for a local home builder, there’s often that extra little bit of flexibility that can help take a floor plan beyond the blueprint based on the property owner’s wants and needs. Empowering this can be a very positive thing. After all, if you’re building a new home, shouldn’t you have the flexibility to customize it how you see fit? There are many advantages to building a new home, and the ability to customize it is at the top of the list.

4. Good for the Local Economy

Local builders generally have relationships with local subcontractors, so you can rest assured that your money is more likely to stay within your community and benefit your area economically. Though national builders may have some local relationships, they’re more likely to do business with other national businesses like themselves, so materials and building products may be shipped in from elsewhere throughout the country. Local builders are also more likely to invest in and hire workers from the area..

5. Cost

While we never encourage any property owners to prioritize cost over quality, another benefit to working with a local or regional builder is that often times the price is much more affordable than working with a national one. There are many factors that may attribute to this, including lower overall prices, local material sourcing, and the desire to pass any cost savings that can be realized during the design and build stages onto the customer rather than pocketing it as extra profit. Needless to say that a significant cost savings isn’t always a guarantee, but it can often be realized when you work with a builder that’s local.

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