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Master Bathroom Renovation



The goal of this Master Bathroom renovation was to transform a dark, confined, space into a more functional and updated retreat that radiates calm and relaxation. A secondary objective was to stay within the budget parameters provided by the homeowner while still achieving the design goals. The new floorplan slightly modifies the space to create more function, enhance storage, and eliminate unnecessary walls in order to allow more natural light into the space. Eliminating the built-in bathtub and expanding the walk-in shower allows for improved function and flow of the space. Storage was added to increase function and meet the needs of the family. The selections for the storage contribute to the open, airy nature of the space through the use of glass shelving and glass cabinet doors. The natural light created by the rearrangement of the fixtures and walls helps to show the luster of the luxurious finishes. This peaceful space exudes luxury and invites the user to experience the serenity of the outdoors through the added natural light.




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